Apart from the Main House the estate offers other major heritage – the Clock Tower, the Stable Yard and Chapel, the two Lodges, the Walled Garden and the Victorian Gardens.
The Clock Tower, 161 feet high, is a focal point and can be seen from six counties. In Victorian times the large room with the oriel windows was used as a sewing room. It has a fire place, window seats and coat of arms stained glass windows. The clock is by J B Joyce of Whitchurch. Five bells remain for the strike and the chimes. Other features include the four mosaic clock faces, a sundial and the Jones coat of arms.
Reginald Hallward designed the four stained glass windows in the Chapel which is still used many times a week by the pupils during term time.
The estate has been used in the filming of pop videos and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
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