Abimelech Hainsworth

Abimelech Hainsworth manufacture a range of authentic fabrics used for costumes and uniforms in films. We are major suppliers to the US film industry having supplied fabrics for many productions including The Patriot, Demolition Man, Harry Potter, Batman, Titanic, La Boheme, Man in the Iron Mask, Les Miserables and Sharpe's Rifles.

Fabrics supplied include all wool Doeskins, Superfines and Meltons. These ranges are available in 12-15 shades, all ex-stock and as cut lengths or pieces.

We offer advice on the suitability of fabrics for end use and send samples out by return. We accept Visa or Mastercard payment.

Abimelech Hainsworth
Spring Valley Mills
West Yorkshire
LS28 6DW

Tel: 0113 395 5678
Fax: 0113 395 5686

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