Birr Castle

Birr Castle has been the home of the Parsons Family for the past 400 years. As a home rather than a museum it has retained that intimacy which is rare.
It is set in gardens that are world famous for exotic tree and plant collections, rivers, lake, formal gardens, terraces and wildflower meadows exuding an atmosphere of tranquillity as well as grandeur. The gardens were laid out in the 17th century and extend over 120 acres whose sweeping open spaces are adorned by an outstanding collection of trees and shrubs including the tallest box hedges in the world. The Millennium Gardens provide a formality with as a cloistered walks and a 90 year old Wisteria in the Pergola.

   Birr Castle Demesne,
   Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland
   Tel: 00 353 509 20336
   Fax: 00 353 509 21583

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