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(Paul 'Bob' Arnold and Andrew 'Barn' Barnabas) have been writing music professionally since 1990. Formerly heads of audio, music directors etc. of various emminent institutions - Sony being one of them, they left the convenience of corporations and formed a 'sound company for the new millennium' in 2001. With a heady combination of passion, single mindedness in increasing recognition and importance of video game soundtracks, tech savvy, business acumen and a keen sense of fun they've managed to carve an egg shaped niche into the heart of the media world.
From writing film scores to producing McDonalds jingles with 4 award nominations in the first 5 months of 2004 alone (one of them a BAFTA) you can start to get a feel of the kind of company that's foolish enough to use a fried egg as its logo.
"Music is, after all, entertainment. If you're not having fun
whilst writing it, how on earth can you expect the listener to?"
Contact: 68 Colville Road Cambridge CB1 9EH UK Tel: +44 (0)1223 524018 Email: