Between the south coast and around London, virtually any type of forest location can be found.
From Beech and Oak forests with their hidden lakes and meadows to the typically open and dry Pine-landscapes that hold every filming possibility.
Even a Redwood glade is not mission impossible!
The choice of outstanding locations is unequalled for both TV and Moviemakers. BRAVEHEART, TENTH KINGDOM, LORNA DOONE, ROBIN HOOD PRINCE OF THIEVES and Ridley Scott's stunning GLADIATOR are just some of the success stories.

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Contact the appropriate office below if you would like to talk to us about filming locations and opportunities in U.K. forests.

For Scotland, Wales and Northern England call Paddy Harrop Tel:
+44 (0)131 3146482 or +44 (0)77749 72702

For Southern England call Colin Palmer Tel:
+44 01420 23666 or +44 (0)77855 28444 Web: