Copthorne Hotel Effingham Gatwick
West Park Road, Copthorne
West Sussex RH10 3EU
T: 013 4271 4994 F: 013 4271 6039

Copthorne Hotel London Gatwick

An excelent choice for use as a unit base for th following reasons:

  • Cars, Coaches, Vans and Trucks can easily be parked as the hotel can accommodate up to 900 cars
  • The hotel is well located from the M23 (junction 10) and from the M25
  • The hotel has been a popular choice in the past with crews filming movies and tv programmes in the local countryside of Sussex and Surrey.
  • The hotel will be pleased to offer complimentary use of the leisure club during any overnight stays.
  • Drivers and crew are more than welcome to use the hotels bars and restaurant facilities.
  • The hotel makes a perfect choice due to its location and amount of space that it has to offer.
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