About QBudget:
QBudget brings multi-format budgeting software for film, video, commercials and TV within reach of every kind of producer and production house.

Designed in conjunction with producers for producers, QBudget allows you to calculate, change, report and present every element of your production budget - with simplicity and ease. Regardless of the number of times you need to compile and recompile a budget, QBudget keeps you in control whilst adhering to agreed international formats.

Particularly useful features include:
1) The Wizard to enable instant re-budgeting for changes in number of shoot days
2) Multi Language and currency conversions at the touch of a button.

QBudget meets BBC/C4 standards and includes preset formats for APA(UK), CFPE(Europe) and AICP(USA) commercials budget layouts. QBudget provides the de facto standard for the film, video, commercial and Television industries as well as the ability to design and build your own budget layouts.

Geting your hands on QBudget:
If you'd Like to try QBudget for yourself then we can provide a 30 day licence. Evaluate our fully functional software you'll soon know how QBudget can help you.

£595 ex VAT per copy. (Site discounts for multiple copies may be available)

Recommended extras:
1) QBudget Support provides access to a telephone hot line and if necessary site visits (within the central London Area). £200 per annum ex VAT.
2) The UK Commercials Rates Database provides up to date rates for nearly every line of your budget. Subscribers receive updates at least 3 times per year by email. Invaluable for that 3.OOam commercials budget, it will prompt you with up-to-date figures 24hrs a day. Use the Rates Database! No other software offers this feature. £125 per annum ex VAT.

Technical requirement:
QBudget is designed to run on all Microsoft Windows operating systems from 3.11 to XP, which includes 95, 2000 and ME. Mac users could use VirtualPC

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