The West Usk Lighthouse

The West Usk Lighthouse is a 185 year old, iconic grade 2 listed building. All the rooms are wedge-shaped and there are 8 rooms on each floor. The lantern room has a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding areas, and the large roof garden has a hot tub, barbecue facilities and bar area, excellent for parties and small gatherings.
The lighthouse is surrounded on one side by the Severn Estuary and on the other side, there are with fields that stretch for miles. It is an area of special scientific interest, with rare birds and small creatures. The romans built a lot of ditches called reens and they are quite interesting. There are swans nesting nearby, cows in the fields, donkeys at the end of the lane.
West Usk Lighthouse has B&B rooms, a floatation tank, chauffeured Rolls Royce for transporting Senior Actors. At the end of a hard day's filming, the cast and crew can choose numerous complementary therapies to make their stay really relaxing.
The Lighthouse is comfortable rather than luxurious. There is an authentic Mongolian yurt in the grounds for those who prefer an earthy experience!
There is land surrounding the Lighthouse which makes it ideal as a Unit Base.
The Lighthouse was featured on Five's TV programme "The Hotel Inspector" and has an original Doctor Who Dalek! A spot on Dr Who would not go amiss. Would make a brilliant episode or two.

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