CEME conference Centre

CEME conference Centre has some of the most amazing film space anywhere in London or the South East. Our ultra-modern, futuristic building has already been utilised for numerous films, television series, advertising and promotional shoots and photo sessions. Much of our space is ‘high-tech’-glass and stainless steel –perfect for airport, shopping centre or modern industrial scenes – with spacious, light-filled areas as well as landscaped gardens, lake areas and ‘state of the art’ building exteriors. The Campus is wide and varied and can depict many different types of sets.

Our outdoor space also includes free car parking for up to 500 cars and outdoor power points (outdoor round patio area only), along with service roads – perfect for shooting street scenes. So, from the smallest intimate shoot to large production pieces, CEME is an exceptional location with amazing space and yet one of the most affordable film venues anywhere in London.

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CEME, Marsh Way,
Rainham, Essex, RM13 8EU
Web www.cemeconference.co.uk

Tel: 020 8596 5151
E-mail: events@ceme.co.uk

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