Penrice Castle

Penrice Castle and its surrounding Estate, with its range of historic buildings and locations, are ideal for filming and over the years have been popular with a number of productions. Oxwich Beach in particular has been used for a range of different adverts and recently has been featured as part of Jamie Oliver's new television cooking series.

There are 16 holiday cottages available to rent on the Estate which can accommodate up to 75 members of the crew.

Actors will enjoy relaxing on "Hotel Call" whilst being only minutes from where filming is taking place.

Filming is not permitted in the interior of the Castle itself as it is a family home, however there is so much to offer when filming exterior sequences, for accommodation of cast & crew and as a Unit Base/Production Headquarters whilst filming in the area.

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For all filming enquiries and to enquire about rates, please contact:

Thomas Methuen-Campbell
Tel: 01792 390006

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